Licence to Perform Dogging
Unit(s) of Competency: CPCCLDG3001A


This program covers competencies in the application of slinging techniques, this involves all aspects of job preparation including hazard identification and control, site preparation, selecting and inspecting equipment, assessing weight and centre of gravity and communication methods.

The participants will be trained to successfully move loads to demonstrate knowledge and skills for slinging, selecting correct equipment for tasks, communicating with the crane operator, landing loads safely and securely and shutting down the dogging task.

SafeWork NSW (Workcover) application will be issued to successful particants to apply for the High Risk licence.


Unit(s) of Competency
CPCCLDG3001A Licence to perform dogging
Course Length
4 days plus 1 day Safe Work NSW assessment

Theory Assessment and Practical Assessment for units of competency.

Entry Requirements

It is recommended that participants have a good knowledge of mathematical principals to be able to calculate weight for a variety of load types of all shapes. (e.g.: beams, pipes, concrete blocks etc.). Participants must be 18 years of age to obtain a high risk licence from Safe Work NSW.


Upon successful completion of this program, the Safe Work NSW fee of $70.50 is payable at Australia Post for collection on behalf of Safe Work NSW.


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